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How many times can you change your primary ps4?

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  1. In order to activate another PS4 system as your main console, you will need to first deactivate the current active device on your account. To do this, head over to https://www.playstation.com/account and sign in with your username and password to manage all of the activated devices attached to your account. Once again though, be sure not take any chances and wait six months before using this option again as it can only be used once every six months

Guy’s, is it really true that Sony will allow you to change your ps4’s primary account in case of merger or split? If so I am quite worried about the merge possibility since if my sony account got merged with another one, I would not like to have my stuff connected to this unknown person. Is there any restriction or can we choose which one is going to be the main account and want other accounts to notify us when this happens?

They’ll never tell us but what happens when they do merge/split is both accounts are put into a state similar to suspended users when logged into the PS4. All content is still accessible and you’re able to download anything from the cloud onto the console, but essentially both accounts would be removed from being primary at that point: which means saved games would no longer have access to online services (trophy lists, game updates, etc). And once you log out, whichever one was chosen beforehand as your new primary account will become the only one thereafter.


Is there a limit to switching primary PS4?

A single console can support two games being played simultaneously — one on a primary system, the other on a secondary console.

Can I switch primary PS4 back and forth?

While it is possible to use more than one PS4 as your primary console, you must first deactivate the previous console from being your primary.

How many primary ps4s can you have?

Each account may attach up to one primary PS4 console.

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