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How do I reset my Harmony Hub to factory settings?

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The Harmony Hub comes with a Pair/Reset button that resets the remote to its default settings. You can use this process if you have lost your remotes and want to start from scratch. To reset it, first unplug it and then plug the hub back in while simultaneously holding down the Pair/Reset button. The front light should be flashing red for 30 seconds during which time all of your pairing information will be erased.

Harmony Hub: How do I Reset To Factory Settings?

This post will show you how to reset your Harmony Hub to its factory settings. In order to do this, you’ll need the model number and software version of your device. To find this information:

– Press the Home button on the front panel of your hub

– Select Settings from the menu that appears

– The Model Number is listed under “General” in Device Information

– The Software Version i ofs listed und versioner “Software Version” software in Devic ande Informa numbertion model theneed

Harmony hub alternatives

Some people may not know this, but the Harmony Hub also has a remote control. Many don’t like it because of how big and bulky it is. Some websites will tell you that “you can use your smartphone to do everything,” which I find untrue for most tasks without advanced programming skills in iOS or Android. So let’s take a look at some alternatives:

– The Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX

– The Apple Magic Trackpad

– Amazon Echo Dot (only available on amazon)

The first one is made by Logitech and offers many different gestures as well as being able to wirelessly connect from up to 30 feet away with no loss signal strength. This mouse does come with its flaws; if

Harmony Hub Compatible Devices

Want to know what devices are compatible with the Harmony Hub? Check out this list of all supported Apple and Android devices:

– iPhone models from 2007 onwards (including iOS 12), iPad models from 2010 onwards, iPod Touch models from 2009 onwards.

– Google Pixel phone running Android Oreo or higher, Samsung Galaxy S series phones running on Android Jellybean or higher, Nexus tablets running Lollipop or newer.

– Amazon Kindle Fire HDX tablet 2013 edition and later model years; Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet 2012 edition and later model years.

If you’re unsure about whether your device is supported by Harmony Hub then please check our support page for a complete listing of compatible devices! If your device isn’t listed there then it


Does Harmony Hub need line of sight?

Setting up Harmony Hub
Places your Harmony Hub can be placed.

Can I use Harmony Hub without remote?

Although it comes with a remote, the remote is not needed for any setup. All configuration information and tuning are done through Harmony servers, so there’s no need to use the physical remote at all.

How many TVs can Harmony Hub control?

The Hub is easy to reset. Logitech claims 270,000 devices are compatible and I was unable to find a device that the Hub did not work with.

Can I have 2 Harmony hubs?

It is possible to have two hubs in the same house with different settings. I recommend swapping out the associated remotes and trying to control both simultaneously periodically to avoid any unintended consequences.

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