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Can I delete my DoorDash account?

Best Answer:
  1. DoorDash cannot delete your personal information / data if you have pending deliveries. Navigate to your Account Settings from the home page. Click on Manage Account on the top right of your profile box. Select Delete Account and follow through the steps.

How To delete DoorDash account?

Many DoorDash customers have questions about DoorDash, DoorDash Referral Code and DoorDash Driver application. This article will provide you a detailed way to delete DoorDash account and you can follow the below steps to learn how to end your DoorDash service with ease.

The first question that may occur in mind is: why would I ever want to delete my Door Dash account? Well, there are many reasons for it such as upgrading phones or leaving their original location (so they can’t use Door Dash anymore). Whatever your reason is, this article has some useful information on how to close your Door Dash account. We hope this info helps!

1) Open the Door Dash

Go ahead and open up Door Dash App from your smartphone. It’s available in iOS and Android store, so help yourself with it.

2) Door Dash Profile Settings

You can find the Door Dash user menu at the top left corner of the app screen. You will see a “Settings” button there; click on it to proceed further.

3) Door Dash Account Settings Here is where you will be able to change your Door Dash profile information such as email address, phone number, password or delivery location. After going to that page from DoorDash login page, you are now ready to delete DoorDash account . Such a great relief!

4) Delete DoorDash Account

there are some workarounds that Door Dash delivery users can try at the time they want to stop Door Dash service.

1) Door Dash Cancel Order To cancel DoorDash orders, you must look for the “Cancel” button on DoorDash app while ordering food.  It’s accessible in app center (top right corner). After finding it, just tap on “Cancel” button and confirm your action by entering password or fingerprint. A message will appear after cancellation is done so you don’t have to worry about this. Note: Canceling DoorDash order doesn’t refund your money.

2) How To Stop DoorDash Delivery? Another way to quit Door Dash service is through online profile settings . Go to Door Dash login page and enter your email address and DoorDash password. DoorDash profile settings are accessible from Door Dash home page (If you don’t know the Door Dash website, it’s dasher.doordash.com ).

3) How To Remove Door Dash Account? From Door Dash profile setting page, look for “edit” option on top right corner of screen; click on it. Now you will see a list of options such as Signature, Phone number, Zip code or Payment method. Click on “Delete my account”“. You can do this for deleting door dash account . Finally just click on “Delete Account”“. A warning will pop up to remind you that your account information is being removed permanently!


How do I delete a DoorDash driver?

To cancel a DoorDash – Driver subscription, click the “Subscriptions” option on the app menu. Tap and hold your finger over any of the subscriptions you want to cancel, then tap on “Cancel Subscription.” Click through to confirm cancellation.

Can DoorDash be dangerous?

Doordash is generally a safe service, but in order to ensure safety, take precautions by exercising common sense.

Is it bad to decline orders on DoorDash?

For an independent contractor, completing assignments is typically a voluntary action. Dashers are free to decline any orders they do not want or can’t complete.

Can you delete order history on DoorDash?

deleting your account can purge it of past orders.

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