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Can steam take away my games?

Best Answer:
  1. The agreement with Steam makes it clear that you do not own the software
  2. There are no guarantees of refunds, and Valve can change your license to their discretion at any time.


Can steam take away my games?

Purchasing VAC and Game Ban enabled games for yourself or gifting them to others will have consequences.

Is buying games from Steam safe?

Buying a game on Steam is as secure as when you’re buying anything from an e-commerce site that uses modern HTTPS encryption. All the information you provide to download your purchase–including your credit card info–is encrypted and can’t be intercepted by any third party.
We recommend that you always pay with PayPal Shield so we don’t have access to your credit card details, which makes for a more secure process for you while using Steam!
Some tips:

Are game bans permanent?

Only permanent bans are recorded on user profiles. Both temporary suspensions and game timeouts are not included on these records.

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