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How long does AOL keep old mail?

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You can access AOL mail archives in one of two ways, depending on your email account settings.

1) Inside the Old Mail folder: Old mail remains in this folder for about three days before it expires and is deleted from the server.

2) As Sent mail: Mail you send remains in the Sent Folder and stays there for up to 27 days until it is automatically expired.

How To long does AOL keep old mail

The  truth is that  many  people  use AOL. Since AOL hosts its own mail servers, it’s very convenient to use for sending and receiving important messages, especially if you have a busy life where you don’t want to waste time checking your email several times a day. You can even call up the mail from wherever you are without having to use any special programs. However, many people aren’t aware of how long data is kept when they store it in their email accounts with AOL. Recent activity may not be stored for very long at all. But what about old email?  Does  AOL  store  old  mail  in  storage  for years or does it delete them after a few weeks, days, or even minutes

Turn Logging Off To see how long it takes for AOL to purge your email messages you’ll want to turn off the logging feature. This lets you check and see if the mail is still there before you switch back on logging. Here’s how to do this:   Select “Options” from the main menu. Then click on “Preferences”. Make sure that “Enable logs” is turned off (it will be gray). Click “OK”. Go ahead and log onto your email account normally.  (This  is  so  you  can  still see   the AOL Mail folders.) Check your mail by using the main menu to go to “View”, then “New messages”. You should see a message from AOL letting you know that logging is now turned off. Click on “OK”.

Click on “Options” again and click Preferences. Make sure that logging is still turned off. If it isn’t, click it again until it stays gray (it will be gray). Click OK . Log out of your email account with “File”, then clicking on “Sign out”. Use the login screen to log back in. Now just browse around through the folders to look at the old messages and files.  Check  the  time  and date  stamp  on each mail.

It’s a good idea to check this every few months just in case you accidentally turn logging on again and discover that AOL is deleting your old emails without warning.  If you notice that AOL starts deleting  your  data,  you’ll need to switch logging off again and contact AOL because it’s a very serious problem that could result in losing important data.

You can also use this method to check if someone is snooping around your email account without gaining access by turning off the logging feature and then seeing if any messages or new activity has appeared while you were away from the account. Sometimes AOL will send notices about special promotions when there are none. If you’re not interested in these offers, just delete them. Otherwise, go into Options/Preferences and turn logging back on so you can get the notifications again next time.

An AOL  client  is  a  program that you use  to  access  the AOL service, such as AOL Mail and Instant Messenger (IM). The client program is what lets you log onto your account when you’re away from home. Just about any computer under the sun has an email client of some sort that will let you access your AOL mail. You could even use a mobile phone or PDA to do this if there’s a wireless connection available nearby. Browsing Through Old Email Messages   Sometimes I like to go through old email messages just because I enjoy reading them over again sometimes.


Does AOL delete old mail?

With AOL Mail, you can delete unwanted messages from your account or set up automatic notifications for old emails so that they don’t take up too much space.

Why does my AOL old mail disappear?

Much of what causes an email to get lost in AOL Mail is easily correctable. Sometimes the email is misplaced within your account, or you need to reset your 3rd party mail client settings. Other times your account has been deactivated due to a long period without using it.

Is AOL Mail shutting down?

AOL Mail still exists, though you no longer need a CD-ROM to install the program. Most of AOL’s products are now web-based. However, a quarterly report from 2016 revealed 2.1 million people were still using and paying for AOL’s dial-up service just as recently as 2015

Why won’t My AOL emails delete?

Go to your Settings > Mail > AOL account. Tap on Advanced, then SPAM so you get a checkmark, and finally Trash at the top — so you have two check marks total. Now click on your email address again to go back and try deleting it.

How do I clean up my AOL mailbox?

If you have a username for your email, go to that folder. If you do not remember the name of the AOL account then they might be in general or trash folders located at the top left hand corner on Aol mail page. Once in there, scroll until you find emails row and check off all e-mails that are unwanted or need deleted by clicking on box next to them.
Finally hit delete button and done!

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