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How do I sign out of Google Voice?

Best Answer:
  1. Login to voice.google.com on PC from the top-right of the site (click profile photo)
  2. Click Sign out

– Open the Google Voice app and go to Settings.

– Tap on “Sign out of Google Account” at the bottom of your screen, then click “Yes.”

The account will be signed out automatically after a few moments. If you tap Sign Out Now, it may take up to 20 minutes for all data associated with that account to clear from your device.


How do I logout of Google Voice on my iPhone?

Go to the Google homepage in your mobile browser.
Tap the words “Sign out” at the bottom of the menu that appears.

How do I deactivate Google Voice?

Tap “Settings” from the home screen.
From the General tab, select Language and input.
In Widget and Input Methods, find Google voice typing and tap Settings button (cog icon).
Under Ok Google detection on the app function, move slider to left.

How do you sign out of Google Drive on all devices?

Log in to Gmail on a desktop, go to the bottom of your inbox, and click “Details.” This will tell you the last account actions performed. Click “sign out all other web sessions” just below the Details pop-up box.

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