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How do I delete a child profile on Amazon Fire?

Best Answer:
  1. To remove an account, open the QuickSettings panel and tap Settings (or, if you can’t find it in the Carousel option – then just go to “My Accounts”, then select Manage Email Account)
  2. After that, tap on your email account of choice (should have a small check mark next to it)
  3. Underneath should be Remove Account from Device section. Tap on Delete Account from device (this is what shows up under 4.8). Tap OK.

The Amazon Fire comes with a parental controls feature that lets you block and monitor the apps, websites, and content your child is using. To delete an account entirely from the device:

– Go to Settings -> Your Account -> Add & Manage Profile on Device. Select Delete Child Accounts next to each profile you want to be deleted. Confirm by pressing OK. The information related to these accounts will be removed from the Kindle’s Cloud Reader but not erased permanently until later when it needs free space for new material downloaded onto this device – deleting items in any list does not erase them permanently as they can always be re-downloaded at any time in future if needed). Once all profiles are selected (and confirmed), press OK again to confirm deletion


How do I delete a child profile on Fire tablet?

You can manage their app profiles by removing any that have been set up.

How do I delete my kids account on Amazon?

To block Amazon Kids+ items, go to your child’s settings and select “Remove Content”. From there you can search for the titles of content you would like to inhibit.

How do I delete a user on Fire tablet?

The My Account option in Settings provides information about the account to which the device is registered. To remove this account from your Kindle Fire, you can tap the Deregister button.

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