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How do I remove Dota 2 from Steam library?

Best Answer:
  1. Go to Account details then click.
  2. On Licenses and product key activations.
  3. Find Dota Underneath it.
  4. Click Remove > Is gone! This will not work if you purchased the game through Steam or digitally otherwise it would be under “Manage”..


Can you remove a game from your Steam library?

Games cannot be removed entirely from your Steam account, but you can delete the game and change your list to show only what is currently installed.

How do I permanently delete Dota 2?

look for Dota 2 in your Steam library. The game may be located in D letter games.
2st: right-click on the game…3rd: go to “Properties”…4th: click on “Local file” section, delete local content.
6th and 7th should say: DO IT!
*OR* If you do not own this game but want it try searching under your Library tab or Purchased list, as they might have a free download or trial offer available when you redeem an Origin coupon code – just make sure to read all terms and conditions so that you don’t end up buying something without meaning to!)

How do I remove a game from my Steam folder?

Click on the “Help” menu within Steam and select “Steam Support.” You’ll then choose “Games, Software, etc,” follow this option with a search for the game you’d like to get rid of. Select the desired game, and then select “I want to permanently remove this game from my account”.