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Can you cancel Ticketmaster tickets in the UK?

Best Answer:
  1. However, customers in the United Kingdom can get a refund from Ticketmaster.
  2. which has made it clear that both postponed events and those where ticket buyers are unable to attend an event on a re-scheduled date will be reimbursed.



Can I cancel my tickets on Ticketmaster?

Tickets purchased through Ticketmaster are not refundable. … Within 24 hours after purchasing a ticket with the Fan Guarantee, you may cancel or get a refund if your venue is closed or postponed.

Are Ticketmaster tickets nonrefundable?

Determining the Ticketmaster Refund Policy. Ticketmaster refunds purchases for postponed or canceled events only. An event that is rescheduled may be entitled to a refund under certain conditions. If you change your mind and decide not to go to an event, you won’t get your money back.

How do I contact Ticketmaster for a refund?

Find your order (the one you need to contact us about) in the Upcoming or Past Event tabs and then click “See Details.” Click “Email Us” at the bottom right of the Event Details page and fill out the form.

Can you get a refund if the concert is rescheduled?

A rescheduled performance will be refunded at the artist, team, venue, or promoter’s discretion. You’ll get a refund if they allow it. If you bought your tickets over the internet or by phone, you won’t have to do anything further.

Can you refund plane tickets?

If you cancel a domestic flight ticket within 24 hours of purchasing it, you will receive a full refund. Airlines will try to give you a flight credit, but if you follow the 24-hour rule, you should get an immediate return. Use a travel professional and obtain comprehensive coverage.