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How do I remove an Outlook email account from my Android phone?

Best Answer:
  1. Open the Outlook application.
  2. On your PC or phone.
  3. Select the menu button in the upper left corner.
  4. Then Settings.
  5. On the new window that opens.
  6. Choose Delete Account.
  7. After selecting it from a drop-down menu.
  8. Quit the program completely.
  9. Before shutting down the software.
  10. Make sure to fully close it.

How To Delete Microsoft Account in Android Mobile?


How do I delete an Outlook account from my phone?

Open the app; go to Settings and select it. Tap the account’s name. Select Remove Account from Device and Remote from the drop-down menu.

How do I delete an email account from my Android?

To be removed, go to Settings. The Settings gear appears when swiping down from the Home screen. Accounts may be accessed by scrolling down and tapping Accounts. Select the account you want to be eliminated. Look for additional choices. More is a virtual button that appears at the bottom of the screen when touched with two fingers on an iPhone 6 or later.

How do I unlink email accounts from Outlook?

Go to the Downloads tab and click on the OK button. Select Delete from the drop-down menu. Select Remove when prompted. Confirm your selection by selecting Yes.

How do I remove a Microsoft account from my Android phone?

Android devise, go into the Quick Access panel and tap and hold on the Link to Windows icon. Select a Microsoft account. To view your previously used Microsoft account email address, scroll down to Your Phone Companion. Remove your phone’s companion by clicking Remove account at the bottom of the Your Phone Companion window.

How do I remove Outlook account from Outlook?

Select File from the upper left corner of the main Outlook window. Select Account Settings on this screen. Choose the account you want to remove and then hit Remove on your keyboard.