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How do you delete first letter search on Instagram?

Best Answer:
  1. Navigate to the top right corner of the app under settings, click on “clear search history.”
  2. Scroll all the way down to the bottom where you will see a dropdown box that says, “and delete from my phone”. Select that option and tap done.
  3. Return back to Instagram and enter in keywords for your new posts.

he quick way to do this is to tap and hold on to the camera screen of Instagram. From there, you can choose a filter or a geotagging feature. Once that’s selected, you’ll go back to your viewfinder screen where highlighted text should appear at the top. Tap and hold any part of that, then swipe up on your finger to delete it all together — what we’ve called “guarding.” It should look like this:

Another slightly slower route would be to open up Settings and scrolling down until you see Language & Region settings. Here you can change the language from English (US) to English

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