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How do I reset my whisper app on my iphone?

Best Answer:
  1. Deactivate the Whisper app on your phone.
  2. Re-install and activate the app again.
  3. Upon initiating, you are prompted to create a new 4-digit passcode. Your previous whispers should reappear

I used to have an iPhone earlier this year, and I had a problem just like this. The solution for me was simple, but it might not be so easy if you don’t know how to go about changing the settings in your iPhone. My solution was simply to update my husband’s settings in his iTunes account (my old one). Then, when he synced with the iPhone it updated and he got all of mine as well as his own. Hope that helps!


How do I restart my whisper app?

Creating a new whisper account on a different device may be the only way to fix this issue. First, go to your Android settings and force stop the app, then clear its data.

How do I reset my whisper password?

Enter the email address you used to register with our token backup system.

Are there any apps like whisper?

Kik is a famous anonymous chat app that allows communication with friends and strangers. You’ll find like-minded people through Kik’s user-friendly interface.

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