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How do I delete multiple Yahoo contacts?

Best Answer:
  1. To delete multiple Yahoo contacts, access the “Contacts” tab in your Yahoo Mail account and use one of the sorting options. Check off any contacts you want to remove on your list and click the “Delete” button. A pop-up window will appear to confirm deletion; this just takes a second.
  2. You can also select a set of contacts that are all clumped together by put them in ‘edit mode’. Then above there is an option to delete these items as well with one tap!

How Do Add and Delete Yahoo Contacts

Yahoo is one of the most popular free service providers found online. It allows you to send messages, chat and even a host of other services. However, you can also store people’s contact information in your personal list of contacts that are just yours. This means that the way your address book looks is totally customizable in every way imaginable geared specifically for your needs. In this article learn how do add and delete yahoo contacts .

To delete Yahoo contacts:

1. Open Yahoo Messenger. Yahoo displays the Yahoo Messengers contact list, if it is not already open.

2. Make certain that you are online and connected to the Yahoo network from your computer or mobile device before proceeding with this procedure. If you do not connect to Yahoo within a few minutes, Yahoo Messenger disconnects from the Yahoo network automatically and returns to Connecting status . After about two minutes, Yahoo Messenger again starts trying to connect unless you manually disconnect first .

3. Do one of the following: Under My Contacts , select a contact entry in Group A or B that you want to delete (check mark A ). Click Delete Check mark ( A ) for each contact entry that you want removed. Click Delete All selected ( B ) to remove all Yahoo contacts from Groups A and B.

4. Yahoo Messenger displays a Confirm dialog box that asks if you want to delete the selected Yahoo contact entries . Select Yes ( A ) or No ( B ). Yahoo Messenger deletes the Yahoo contact entries you indicated in .

5. When Yahoo prompts, click Done .

To add Yahoo contacts:

1. Under My Contacts , Yahoo displays Yahoo groups into which Yahoo can place your Yahoo contacts automatically . Group A contains your Yahoo friends and family members in Yahoo Messenger , people with whom you have shared files, or those that you have sent messages to most recently. Group B contains other Yahoo contacts, such as friends from online communities, business colleagues, or classmates. In The Groups pane (A) at the lower left of the Yahoo Messenger window, click Add contact entries ( A ) for Group A or B .

2. From the Contact Entry List dialog box , select a contact entry in Group C that you want to add to Yahoo Messenger (check mark A ).


How do I delete an email address from Yahoo?

Log out of a Yahoo Mail account
1. Log in to the Yahoo Mail app and tap “Settings”. Tap the account you want to log out from. From the menu on the left click “Remove Account.”

Can I combine 2 Yahoo email addresses?

Email providers have the option to combine all email accounts into a single inbox, making it easy for parents to send and receive messages from anywhere.

How do I delete unwanted autofill email addresses in Yahoo?

To delete contact suggestions in Yahoo Mail
1. Click Compose.
2. Begin entering an email address or contact, then scroll until the unwanted name appears on screen and click it to be deleted.

How do I manage multiple Yahoo email accounts?

Add another mailbox
1. Tap the Profile icon.
2. Tap Add another mailbox.
3. If you have more than one primary account, select your Yahoo Mail account from the top that you will be linking to.
4. Enter your email address and password.

How do I combine email threads?

Select the conversations that you want to merge, select merge and click. An alert will pop up confirming if you want to proceed with merging. If ready, select Merge

How do I delete unwanted email addresses?

Here’s how to delete an email address from your Gmail.
Start typing either the contact name or email address in the search bar at the top of your inbox.
In Gmail, click on “Contacts”. Find the desired contact, and then select “Delete” from its drop-down menu.
After you’ve deleted it, when composing a message on Gmail and type in To:, your mailbox should clear up automatically for you!

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