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How do I change my username on trivia crack?

Best Answer:

To change your username, go to Settings>Account. Bear in mind that the user name must be unique (i.e., there cannot be two of the same user names).


How do I change my trivia username?

Tap on your profile photo on the bottom, right side of your screen.
Click on Settings and scroll all the way down to edit username.
Enter a new username and tap Done when finished!

How do I change my username on HackerEarth?

Click the top right corner of your screen.
Select Settings from the dropdown bar on the left, then select Email and Password Settings.
Update your username (you can type in anything you want but it should be upper case).
Click Save at the bottom right to save.

How do I delete my adventure account on trivia crack?

Log into Google Play and open the Trivia Crack app. Tap on Settings and select Subscriptions, then follow as directed.

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