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Can I unlink my bank account from PayPal?

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  1. Here’s how to remove a bank account from your PayPal: Click Money in the top or side menu. Select the bank you want removed. Click Remove Bank from Account

How to Remove Bank Account from Paypal

Yes, you can unless the financial institution that holds your PayPal funds requires a specific login to access your account or if you have details of your accounts at multiple financial institutions in the same PayPal account and want to link them all into one. In this case it is not possible to remove just one of those accounts without linking another. This will result in creating a new combined balance which is shared between all linked accounts.

To remove an existing bank account please follow these instructions:

Go to “My Accounts”  from the Account Overview page  Log in to your account Click on  the  link  to  “Link a Bank Account”  in the “Bank Accounts” section.  Click  on the link labeled  “Remove this bank.”

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I don’t know what is the link in this case.  Since I quoted it, some parts will automatically show up when you install a new browser add-on that brings to me web traffic (like http://www.facebookstatuses.com/):  “Link a Bank Account  from  the  Account Overview  page  Log  in to your account  Click on  the ” Link a Bank Account ”  link in the “Bank Accounts” section.”

Official PayPal language for this feature process:

  Add or remove bank accounts You can link as many as three bank accounts to your PayPal account and withdraw your PayPal balance as cash from any of them.  You can also add more bank accounts to your PayPal account  so  that  you  can  transfer  funds  to  and  from  several different banks in one transaction, or withdraw cash from multiple banks at a time.

This is not an issue for some people;   It won’t be if you are planning on making use of the full spectrum of services offered by this company, which include: fund transfers between paypal accounts as well as with external bank accounts, selling something on ebay or other internet marketplaces (such as amazon.) etc..


Why can’t I remove my bank account from PayPal?

With a pending payment this bank account cannot be unlinked. Try again once the transaction is complete and you will be able to discontinue using it with PayPal.

Is it safe to link bank account to PayPal?

Unlink your PayPal account from your bank accounts or debit cards as there may be consequences if they are not unlinked.

How do I unlink a bank account?

How to unlink my bank account from PayPal:
1. Log into your Paypal account.
2. Tap on the Account icon in the bottom right corner of the app.
3. Scroll down and tap on “Transfers.”
4. Go to Linked Accounts at the bottom of the page.
5. Select which account you wish to unlink, scroll down and tap Unlink then confirm with yes.

How do I unlink a PayPal account?

Go to the Wallet page and click on the icon of the bank you want to remove. Click Remove bank account in order for it to be removed from your PayPal balance.

Is PayPal safer than debit card?

Using PayPal to pay with your debit card is safer than just using a debit card. With the PayPal, merchants only see an email address and some personal information.