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Where does Google save credit card info?

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  1. Note: When paying for something online, the credit cards you have saved in Chrome and To Google handle Payments will appear from a pop-up box your. credit cards in Chrome and Google Payments, go to payments.google.com. When you’re paying for something online, the credit cards you’ve saved will show up in a dropdown list.

Correct this card info or different card

When you shop Google offers to save your credit card info. But Google doesn’t keep it very safe. Google saves this information in a database file on their site and anyone can access it by Google’s standard login procedure of username: “guest”, password: “test”.

The database file is not encrypted, so anyone who has access to Google’s servers can read the credit card numbers and expiration dates. Some people have reported that they were able to delete the records from Google’s database just by going to Google or Google Wallet, typing in the right search term, and clicking through until they got to a screen where they could delete their info. You can try searching for terms like ‘delete google wallet’ which sometimes returns a page with Google Wallet’s help article about deleting Google Wallet info.

There are several reports on Ask MetaFilter with more details:

2 recent threads about Google saving your credit cards, and one has a Google employee claiming they’re going to fix the problem soon.There are several Google Wallet help articles with instructions on deleting Google Wallet info:http://support.google.com/wallet/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=595503 (the answer is not clear)

You can also try Google’s “account search” or Google Wallet’s “where is my order information” feature to look for records of where Google has stored your cc info (usually in some state you don’t live in). If you find an entry under a different name than yours, you know someone else has used Google’s system to save their own cc info. Google responds to account removal requests within 48 hours. Google’s “account search” is at: https://www.google.com/settings/u/0/#search_results and Google Wallet’s “where is my order information” feature is at: https://wallet.google.com/manage/#orders .

You can also try Google’s “edit info” page for the CC entry, which asks you for your phone number (probably just for validation) but then Google may or may not give you edit access to that CC record in Google Wallet; sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t seem to care about it; this technique has yet to be thoroughly tested by anyone so far as I know. Google will probably change the Google Wallet site to require Google+ or Google login in the next year. Google’s “edit info” page for billing address is at: https://wallet.google.com/manage/#cc . Google will probably not delete these records because they might be sued by individuals and regulators for violating privacy laws (there are US and European laws that protect your credit card info and Google does not comply with them).


How do I remove my credit card information from Google?

On your computer, go to your Google Play account.
Click Edit payment methods. You will go to your pay.google.com account.
On the left, click Payment methods button and then on the right you can choose which one you want to remove by clicking it and after removing click Save on bottom right of page.

Is it safe to save credit card info in Chrome?

Yes! Chrome will be able to use your phone number for automatic completion if the other program on your computer can do so.

How do I find my credit card number on Google pay?

The last four digits of the device account number can be found on your Google Pay app. These are located at the bottom right corner of the card image – just tap to access them.

How do I delete a payment method?

If you are planning on traveling overseas, remove your payment information from the
1. settings on your Android device.
2. On your Android card, open Settings . Tap Google Services & Preferences > Settings for Google Apps and then tap Google Pay. Choose the payment method that you no longer
3. want to use or need—tap “more” and then tap “remove.”
4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Does Google save your CVV number?

The Card will be saved to the Google Payment system and not on your device. It securely stores CVC number as a password, but it is never stored in its entirety.

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