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How do I reset my discord password without email?

Best Answer:

To delete your account, log out of Discord before going to https://discord.com/login inside the app.


How can I recover my discord account without email?

the email account that you used to sign in an account on Discord, then your only option is to contact their support team.

If you lost your Discord account password and never registered an email to enable the “reset my password” button, then the only way you can recover your Discord account is by contacting their customer service agents at https://dis.gd/contact.

What happens if you forgot your password on discord?

If you have forgotten your Discord password, a reminder will be sent to you via email. … Once logged in, your password has been reset and you can use it again with the desktop or mobile app

How do I find my old discord password?

Discord has a website. Make sure you’re logged out of your Discord account and then go to https://discord.com/login.
Inside the App.

How do I recover my discord email?

If you have lost access to the email tied to your account and cannot remember your password, then unfortunately you will not be able to login.

How do I access my discord account without 2fa?

Verify that you are logged in to your Discord account before installing the backup codes. If you don’t have access to the email used during registration, then try logging out and back in again.

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