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How do I get my old Words With Friends account back?

Best Answer:

Tap on one of the following options if you are experiencing login issues.

  1. Tap here for account recovery options if you have a new device and need to set up your old account with a password.
  2. Tap here if you have forgotten or need to reset your password.
  3. If you would like to change any of your information in your account, tap here.

How To Get Our Old Account Back

We all change our Words With Friends account name and email address every now and then. Whether out of boredom or because we are very regular Words With Friends players, changing the login information is one way to keep things more interesting. However, if for some reason you happen to lose your Words With Friends account, there’s a way to get it back. In order to claim an abandoned Words With Friends account, follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to Facebook on the web (not through Words With Friends) and go here . This page will show you all the games on Words With Friends that were created when you used your current username.

Step 2: Pick the game you want to get back using your old username and enter the email address that was previously associated with this Words With Friends account. If it’s a verified Words With Friends account, it will come right back!

Step 3. Also, if you find any Words With Friends accounts that are not claimed or abandoned and would like to claim them as your own, simply follow these steps .  You may also be interested in checking out some of our other articles on Words With Friends here .Best regards, The Word Fan Team. [ARTICLE END]

Why it works: Words With Friends is owned by Zynga (ZNGA), and the Words With Friends Facebook application automatically generates a ticket to support. You can see this for yourself by logging into Words with Friends, selecting Support from the menu bar at the top of your page, and on that Status screen there’s an option called Open Ticket under Submit a request. This status message has been very popular in getting Words With Friends accounts back for people who have had theirs stolen or compromised.     Update 3/25/12: My main account was hacked today but I was able to successfully get it back with the information given above.


How do I find my words with friends username?

Find your account’s username on the top-left of the screen or under your name in the “Profile” page.
On a mobile device, find it by tapping on the profile icon and looking under your Profile name. Similarly, you can find it on browser app versions:
Look at the top left of the screen and then tap over to see my user name.

What happened to words with friends on Facebook?

Facebook app users are currently experiencing difficulties in playing Words With Friends. Our team is working on a fix immediately.

How do I get words with friends back on my iPhone?

If an app appears in the “not on this iPad” section of the App Store when you tap purchased, you can try reinstalling it by tapping cloud before proceeding.

How do I contact Zynga in Words With Friends?

Here’s the customer service phone number for Zynga …

How do I find my Zynga ID?

To find your Game ID or ZID, you can tap the gear wheel icon in the top right corner of the screen.
Once tapped, select “Account Info.”
The number listed under “Zynga ID” is your UID/ZID for Mobile Poker.