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How do I unlink two iPhones from the same Apple ID?

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Swiping up on your iOS device will bring you to the section for settings.  There, you can scroll down to Settings then Apple ID then iCloud. Tap Disconnect Devices and unlink whichever devices are connected.

Two iPhones linked to the Same Apple ID: How Do I Unlink Them?

It’s not uncommon to have two iPhones in your life, and it’s also not uncommon to share the same Apple ID. This can cause some issues when unlinking one of them from the account. For example, if you unlink an old iPhone that was linked with a newer one, then all of your purchases on the older phone will be lost! Don’t worry though; there are plenty of ways to unlink two phones from the same Apple ID and still keep everything intact. There are two ways to unlink two iPhones from the same Apple ID and still keep content intact.

First, you can change your Apple ID password on one of them, which will prompt the other phone to have a different password too since they’re linked together.

Second, if you want both devices to share some content but not others like games or apps, then you’ll need to use AirDrop on a Mac so that files can be shared wirelessly between devices.

This article is going to explain how to unlink iPhones from the same Apple ID by using iTunes or iCloud so that nothing gets lost in translation!

How to unlink iPhones from the same Apple ID using iCloud:

– Open Settings on your iPhone.

– Tap “iCloud” and then create a new password for your account. (You might need an existing iCloud email address in order to do this.)

– Enter your current passcode twice, then tap Next.

– Scroll down until you reach “Find My Device” and uncheck it if desired. Then enter a phone number so that people can locate their lost phones with Find My Device enabled or disable location tracking altogether by unchecking “Keep Location Services On” at the top of the screen next to “Find my device.” Once completed, tap Done at the bottom right corner of your screen.


How do I separate devices with the same Apple ID?
Sign in to iTunes with your Apple ID and password on each device
Turn off Automatic Downloads (this will stop the app from automatically downloading any updates onto both devices).
How do I unlink my iPhone from each other?
Apple ID provides you with powerful management tools to keep track of multiple computers and devices. You can unlink your iPhone from the cloud by following these steps:
Tap Settings > [your name], then tap iTunes & App Store.
Tap View Apple ID, sign in if prompted. Tap your Apple ID at the top section, scroll down for iTunes in the Cloud section, then tap Remove This Device
How do I Unsync my two iPhones?
To unlink two iPhones from the same Apple account, enter Settings > iCloud and log in with your credentials. This will show all of the devices connected to the same iTunes account and allow you to remove a phone by tapping on it and selecting Remove from Account.
How do i stop two phones syncing?
To unlink an iPhone from the same Apple ID, tap “Accounts.” Select the Google account if it appears. Using this as a guide, disable the sync on all of your devices by tapping “Sync” in each section to select “Disable Sync.
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