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How do I test my PayPal sandbox account?

Best Answer:
  1. To complete the action.
  2. Log in to your PayPal account.
  3. Make a payment through PayPal.
  4. When prompted.
  5. Input the buyer account’s email address and password.
  6. The transaction has now been authorized.
  7. If you decide to cancel it before 30 days have passed since the purchase date.
  8. Go to the sandbox site using the same login and password.
  9. Click Cancel Payment

Create a PayPal Sandbox Account (Woocommerce)


What is PayPal sandbox testing?

The PayPal sandbox is a virtual replica of the live PayPal production environment that runs in a self-contained, independent environment. You can start and observe while your applications execute PayPal API requests without disturbing any actual PayPal accounts in the sandbox.

How do I log into my PayPal sandbox account?

Sandbox Accounts is a service that allows you to create your PayPal sandbox using your existing PayPal accounts. The personal and business credentials you find on the Sandbox > Accounts page in the Developer Dashboard may be used to log into the sandbox as either a buyer (personal) or seller (business).

How do I make a PayPal test?

Create a test account using the following steps: In Sandbox, select Accounts and then Create Account. Select the kind of account and nation you want to test and then click Create. PayPal creates an account for you with fake bank information, credit card information, and balance testing values.

How do I log into my sandbox account?

Go to the developer site sandbox accounts page and choose the option for authenticating with the test account’s credentials you wish to link. On the login screen, type in your sandbox account details.

What is the difference between PayPal and PayPal sandbox?

PayPal Sandbox is a simulated testing environment that replicates the PayPal real-world context. It implies it works similarly to creating a genuine Paypal account, but without using actual credit cards or active Paypal accounts. To begin, you must create a PayPal Sandroom Test Account.