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How do I get my instagram back?

Best Answer:
  1. The answer to this question is very simple.
  2. You need to log into your account.
  3. Then use the password reset option.

How to Get Back Your Instagram Account Without Password – Recover Your Deleted Instagram 2021


How do I get back my Instagram account?

If you have a backup of your Instagram account, then you can restore it from the backup. Otherwise, if you believe someone has hacked your account, then you will need to contact Instagram and request a password reset.

Why has my Instagram been disabled?

Instagram disabled your account for violating its terms and conditions. You can contact Instagram support to review the account and reinstate it if they find that you did not violate any of the terms.

Why can’t I get my Instagram back?

The Instagram account has been taken over by a hacker. The only way to get the account back is to contact Instagram and have them do a password reset for the account.

Can I bring my Instagram back?

No, you can’t. Instagram is a social media app that you can download for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
You can’t bring your Instagram back because it’s not possible to download it again.

Did my Instagram get deleted?

No, your Instagram account is still active.
You may have noticed that your posts are not appearing in the feed. This is because Instagram has made a change to how posts are displayed in the feed. Posts from people you don’t follow will no longer appear in your feed unless they’re sponsored or part of an event.

How do I recover my Instagram account with just a username?

If you have your username (the email address associated with your Instagram account) and password, you can recover your account by logging in to the Instagram application on your mobile device or computer. To do this, go to the Instagram login page and input your username and password. If you are not able to log in with the correct credentials, please contact Instagram support (https://help.instagram.com/contact).

How long does Instagram disable your account?

Instagram has a strict policy and will disable your account if you post too many links in your story, or if you’re caught spamming. It’s also possible that Instagram disabled your account for other reasons.

Why my Instagram is not working?

The Instagram app is not working for you because it’s not currently supported on your device. Check to see if it’s available in the App Store or Google Play Store.

Can I sue Instagram for disabling my account?

The answer to this question depends on the terms of service agreement you agreed to when you created your account. If Instagram disabled your account because it violated their terms of service, then you are not able to sue them.

How can I get my Instagram back without email and phone number?

Unfortunately, the only way to get your account back is by logging in with your email and phone number.