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Can I delete my Amazon account?

Best Answer:
  1. If you’re going to close your Amazon account.
  2. Go to the Account Information page and sign in with the account you want to cancel.
  3. In the upper-right corner of the customer care page.
  4. Click Prime or Something Else.
  5. In the first box under.
  6. Tell us more about your problem.
  7. Select “Account Settings.

How To Permanently Delete Amazon Account 2021?


How do I recover my deleted Amazon account?

You’ll need to provide a scan or photo of a government-issued identity document in order to regain access to your account. We won’t be able to change your Two-Step Verification settings until you’ve successfully verified your identity.

How do I permanently delete my Amazon account?

To cancel an Amazon account, you must first log into it and then click Cancel Account. To access your account’s details, go to the Manage Account area of your Amazon account and select Edit Your Account from the drop-down menu. Sign in to the account you wish to close. Take a look at the goods and services linked with your account

How do I permanently delete my Amazon account in 2021?

Login to your account. Examine the items and services linked with your account. If you still want to go ahead, fill in the text field with a reason, check the box next to Yes, I wish to permanently terminate my Amazon account and erase my data, then Close My Account.

Can I delete my Amazon Prime account?

It’s simple to cancel your Amazon Prime membership or take advantage of a free trial. To cancel your Amazon Prime membership Go to the Amazon Prime membership site. Choose End Membership from the drop-down menu.

Can I have 2 Amazon accounts with 1 email address?

An Amazon account is linked to one email address and phone number, which cannot be combined with other accounts connected to other contact information. You may link your account with a spouse, partner, friend, or family member, but you are unable to combine them together.